We got bored of living like normal humans, so we packed the dog and 2 cats into an RV named Gypsy. The rest is future.


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September 7, 2019 - Our renovation is nearing an end and we're almost ready to get back on the road!

Our goal here is to create an adventure that inspires and teaches others to live more and have less. We thank those who inspired us, like The JurgysCheapRVLivingLiving Big In A Tiny HouseUs3andTheRVGypsyAndAPirateFern The Bus and so many more! 

It's an exciting, informative, ambitious and scary departure for us as we transition from the grind to the goal, all while renovating our 23-year-old Class A Motorhome. With your help, we can inspire more to find happiness through simplicity and creating their own adventures!

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We've done a lot. But we've never done this.


Anywhere we want to go and everywhere in between. 

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A few small investments and hopefully some help along the road. We'll bring you stories, videos, music and fun. 

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